Top 7 Gaming Review/News Channels on YouTube.


It’s really hard to keep up the pace with too many games that keep releasing or announced. We all want to know about a game when it’s released, whether it is worth buying or not.  Here come the game reviewers. They all get a review copy like a week before the game’s release date and they come up with their opinions on the game without spoiling the story. A downside to this is that some game publishers can pay off the reviewers so that they can market their game better.

Gaming news channels talk about pretty much anything gaming related, stretching from news of an upcoming game to any controversies befalling on developers, publishers, or gaming platforms.

Here is my list of whom to look out for when you are new to video game channels:

7. Outsidexbox


The lovable people of outsidexbox aim to make their videos fun and interesting. They are well known for playing a game while everyone else is watching the other play. The trio comprises of Andy, Mike, and Jane Douglas (my favorite). They are occasionally helped by Luke and Ellen. This is not a review/opinionated channel, but rather makes us gather our own opinions about the game and get to know how much fun a game can be when you play with friends.

Be sure to check out their “Show of the Week” where they talk about a trending game and nostalgically mention five other games that have features similar to the trending game. Since they directly market all xbox games, they do not talk negatively about any game on screen.

6. IGN


Most of you might be familiar to this channel. It is managed by a large number of people. It has its own website that covers movies in addition to games. This is dream job for aspiring video game journalists. It is perhaps one of the oldest gaming channels on YouTube and thanks to its quality content, it has the highest subscribers on this list. When I was young, I would do to this site to get cheats and walkthroughs of a game I find hard. Earlier, the walkthroughs used to be in text form, but now they are recorded videos.

IGN has an Indian version too which shows how big this brand is. Their review scores are revered and are sometimes mentioned on the game cover (game case or on Steam). Nevertheless, they are known for giving low scores to games which are loved by the public with sometimes unconvincing verdicts like “Too much water”, etc. They are also known for giving high scores for long standing game series like Call of Duty even when the public were hell bent on hating that game for being repetitive every year.

The reason it is low on this list is not due to its quality, but because they have expanded towards movie pop culture coverage and lesser game coverage over the years. They still make good lists of “top ten video games that are <blank>”.

5. GamingBolt


This channel also had its roots from a gaming website like IGN. This channel is more liked by me because all their videos are directly related to games and consoles. They pump out videos almost every day, most of them being lists.

They are not afraid to speak their mind or expand on the controversies surrounding games. This channel deserves a bigger fan-base because of the love and effort they put into each video. They also do reviews titled “The final Verdict” which are really worth watching.

Consider following this channel when you have played a lot of games. Their lists bring back memories. Like I said, even though this channel is pretty old, it does not get enough views as other giant review channels on this list.

4. PlayStation Access


This channel is exactly like outsidexbox channel, but covers games that release on the Sony PlayStation. It also has a group of well-beloved crew of Hollie, Rob, Nathan and Dave. All of them are avid PlayStation gamers ever since they were young and hold classics like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear games very close to their hearts.

This channel is comprised of three parts. The first and most loved by me is the Rob’s Friday features, where he goes back (or sometimes forward) towards games that fit into his well-crafted lists of “seven videogames that are <blank>”. It is not a top-seven list. He also includes some humor in those segments which get better every week.

The second part is perhaps started quite recently. All the cast sit and talk about some aspects of video games that they strongly feel for like “Hilarious Gaming Moments That Had Us In Tears”, etc. From these, we can get to know their gaming tastes and can relate ourselves to them.

The third part is obviously all the live coverage they do at PlayStation expos, the PS store updates, and Access Granted (where they show you playing an upcoming game). The reason they are not too high on this list is because they obviously cover only PS4 games and the reason they are not too low on this list is because there are a ton of PS4 exclusives and these guys make it a point to do a wonderful job of covering them. Since they directly market all PS games, they do not talk negatively about those games on screen.

3. Gameranx

maxresdefault (1)

This is the channel that pops into your “Recommended” section on YouTube when you show any minute interest on gaming. This channel has the second highest number of subscribers on this list and I couldn’t agree more. Their team comprises of Jake Baldino, Falcon, Andrew Gebbia, and Tom “cameraman” Johnson.

The segment “Before You Buy” is one of the most unique segments you can find anywhere. Here, Jake or Andrew shows up straight-up gameplay and their personal opinions about the game. They do not give a score like other review sites. That is the unique part. We are then left to decide about buying the game or pass. Occasionally, they also post game-breaking bugs (literally), submitted by players like us when they play the game, which are hilarious.

Falcon mostly talks about educational aspects of videogames like physics, graphics, polygons, etc. He also provides us with a list of “top ten videogames that are <blank>”, the blank can be anything random. He has not made a visual appearance a single time and represents himself by a falcon. Did I mention he has a godly voice?

2. Pretty Good Gaming


This channel is managed by four guys, Garet, Mike, Liam, and Jake. They’re mostly British (I love their accent). They started out one and half years ago and their channel is continuing to grow. They put videos almost every day and cover pretty much everything there is to gaming.

Mainly hosted by Mike and Gareth, they are really passionate and vocal reviewers. They are not afraid to smack talk about bad business models of games and greedy publishers. Moreover, they are brutally honest and sometimes tell you that they don’t all agree on a point. They are one of the first to come up with new videos should anything happen to the gaming industry thanks to good video editing from Jake.

Their channel is growing exponentially due to the good content provided by them on a regular basis. They have gained a quarter million subs in the past year and I’m sure they will keep growing.

Honorable mentions:

Downward Thrust

maxresdefault (2).jpg

This channel is dedicated to video game veterans and enthusiasts. Most of their videos are an in-depth discussion of games. These discussions do not matter if you are new or play games casually. This channel covers the secrets of games both inside and outside aspects of games.

The narration is one of the best, which can entice anyone to watch without knowing anything about the game in the video. This channel is a one man’s show covering topics similar to the #2 channel in this list.



GamesRadar always talks about the games, movies and TV you love. They deliver the tips, theories, features, expert reviews, and the essential guides for the entertainment that’s worth caring about. You might follow this channel at first because they even talk in length about movies of DC, Marvel, Star Wars, etc.

When your solo interest is about games, you might find yourself moving on to other channels on this list. Not that this channel is bad. It is still possible to stick with it throughout.

1. ACG


ACG or AngryCentaurGaming is literally a one man show with a loyal fan-base. He reviews each game honestly and breaks them up completely. You may feel that he talks too fast or references older games a lot. But in that 10-15 minute video, you can extract information about a game like from no other channel.

He talks about graphics, music, sound, voice, and gameplay. He also gives ample time for each category. When it’s about the audio, he lets us listen to a portion of it before giving his opinions. When you look into the comments to his videos, you’ll mainly be greeted with praise and positivity, something rare to see on videos aiming at a younger demographic.

His final verdict will be one from the categories: buy, wait for sale (PC), rent (console games), and never talk about it again. I feel this rating system is very unique and one of the reasons why he’s the topmost game reviewer.

Have I missed out your favorite game reviewer? Let me know in the comments.


The Really Casual Gamer – Intro


Hello everyone, my name is Rohit and I live in India. I’ve wanted to start up a blog ever since I’ve checked what a blog is in the dictionary. That was ages ago. So yes, I am a procrastinator. But I don’t know what made me do it now. Maybe I finally wanted to try out new stuff and see where it goes.

I am currently 25 years old and working in Vizag, the city of destiny. It is what it is. People say that all your dreams come true in this place. Anyway, I want my blog to be about video games. I am not a really experienced gamer. In fact, I only starting taking it seriously from the past 3 years. So, there’s a lot I don’t know about it. I want to share my experiences I had while playing or after completing a game. There’s a lot of people around me who have the misconception, “video games are for children”. But, I will get to that in my next post.

There are plenty of thrilling games out there. I want to write about them one by one. I haven’t finished all the games I played, but I have definitely enjoyed most of the ones I’ve finished. I do have to apologize in advance about my English vocabulary. It is a little wobbly as it is not my first language.

I may not always write about gaming. There may be non-gaming related stuff that I may like to talk about too.

Any constructive criticism and opinions are appreciated. Thanks for reading!

(PS: All opinions are my own.)